Availability of NTSC Video Format

Almost all Dance Vision USA standard NTSC format videos are in stock for immediate delivery by BDS.


Availability of PAL Video Format

Every Dance Vision USA video is also available in PAL format,with an additional 2 week delay time for Dance Vision USA to custom process the PAL tape. In additionthere is a US $5 price increase for the PAL format. The BDS automated ordering system does not yet process the PAL prices automatically; just leave us e-mail in addition to your automatic order and we will e-mail the invoiced items including the PAL charges and any additional discounts.


Discounts Processing

In general BDS extends a 10% discount on large orders on purchases in our BDS Campbell main store. A "large order" is three or more pairs of dance shoes or "equivalent" purchase by a single person,or immediate family. We generally extend the same discounts to our BDSWEB customers,though they are not programmed into the displayed pricing of the automated shopping mall.We e-mail customers applicable invoices including all discounts. In the case of Dance Vision USA video tapes an order of five or more tapes qualifies for the BDS "large order" 10% discount, in addition to any pending Dance Vision USA discounts:

Normal Discount: Buy 5 tapes and get an additional 1 FREE tape (same or loweest price of 5 paid)

Annual Holiday Season/New Year Discount: Currently ON! Dec 1,2003 to Jan 30,2004:  Buy 5 and get an additional 2 FREE tapes (same or lowest 2 prices of all 7 tapes are the free ones) plus additional   10% BDS discount on the paid 5!!



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