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We run our website on an NT Server 4.0 T1 connected LAN with Windows 95 and DOS machines. The LAN also provides for an Internet connected BBS by telnetting to:bds.ballroom.com or pointing your web browser to bdsweb.ballroom.com:8042  .The BBS can be used to establish a user-account (free).BDSWEB users can transfer to the BBS ,and itprovides a FREE Internet on-ramp (slow 28.8 1-line modem connection ) for the casual use of Local dancers in the San Jose area (no long distance phone charges); however,currently, the main utility of the BBS allows registered users to update their BDSWEB hosted websites anytime.This is great for local dance studios or teachers who might want to update their activity schedules mid month.

The BDSBBS also offers all typical features of a high end bulletin board system,but these are largely not currently utilized by our users.  To investigate these you should go the the Libraries section with your browser and download the BBS specific graphical client (WorldGroup Manager). It installs on Windows systems much like the AOL client and allows all features of the BBS to be accessed. Once I upgrade the applicant membership to full status,then use WorldGroup  Manager to access the WebMaster function to create and upload/update your user website,for instance.The combinatioon of an integrated BDSWEB and BDSBBS allows us to accommodate almost anything a dance organization needs to get his message on the Internet.Best of all its presented in a community dedicated to ballroom dancing--so you get found! You can spend a lot of time and money getting your great website advertised, linked,and noticed on the World Internet. So if you have a an existing ballroom dance related website,then I suggest you create a one page BDSWEB site that links to your main site, and watch the increase in visibility of your main site!

To see details about how to make the most of BDSWEB Internet services go to ConnectMe.

Bill Rowe's Ballroom Dance Supply (BDS) presents this commercial site for the use of ballroom dance enthusiasts.Of course we also present our catalog of products in the BDS Shopping Mall, and the BDS CandyStore, and hope you stop by to visit.

BDS was formed in San Jose ,California in the USA in 1985. In October 1987 we moved/expanded into our current 3200 square foot location in nearby Campbell,California, making us one of the largest and most complete ballroom dance retail stores in the USA. Leave us e-mail at [email protected],or on the BBS.Enjoy!

Ballroom Dance Supply

881 E Hamilton Avenue (located behind the "WoodPeckers Furniture",next to big car-wash)

Campbell, CA (USA) 95008-0614

Tel :(408) 879-0522 ;  Fax: (408) 879-0524

Regular Hours: 12:00 Noon TO: 8PM Mon to Fri; 6PM Sat; 4PM Sunday

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