Argentine Tango Dance Videos

By Daniel Trenner

The Argentine Tango is a beautiful simple language of improvisational social dance that has developed over the last century in the city of Buenos Aires. It is made mysterious and complex by the endless layers of dialect and variation produced by countless generations of dancers.

Daniel Trenner is a native New Yorker, who in his decade of experience exploring the Tango in Argentina has unraveled its mysteries and developed a key for understanding the code of this lovely dance. His unique teaching style is based on translating the culture of Argentine social dance. He teaches games and exercises for understanding the principles of lead and follow, while relating the anecdotes and stories of the older dancers, or milongueros, he interviewed in Buenos Aires. His tango is greatly influenced by his extensive contact with the milongueros during the past ten years. His teachers include Miguel and Nelly, Antonio Todaro, Mingo and Ester Pugliese, Juan Bruno, Pepito Avellendda, Rodolfo and Maria, and Tomi O'Connell.

Daniel has been dancing professionally for 18 years. He holds a Master of Education in Dance, and is the founder of "Bridge to the Tango", an organization dedicated to creating connections between the social dance communities in North America, Europe and Argentina.


(ADT01) Volume 1:

Volume I is an introduction to the unique language of the Argentine social dance. It begins with exercises for the development of movement technique for the leader and follower. Dance Frame or position is introduced. Games are taught for practicing lead and follow in walking and turning vocabularies. The concepts of basic phrasing and navigation of the dance floor are introduced.


(ADT02) Volume 2

Volume II covers the art of step creation. It explains how to phrase sequences of elements into complex combinations in both walking and turning figures. And, the concept of step decoration or adornment is introduced.



(ADT03) Volume 3

Volume III deepens the study of Argentine step vocabulary. Lapiz, Boleo, Llevada, Sacadas, Ganchos, Paradas, Calesitas, and advanced decorations are taught. Ideas fron the "new tango" of varying dance position, and exchanging of lead and follow are introduced.


(ADT04) Volume 4

Volume IV explores the salon style dance of the close embrace referred to as Milonguero, Club, or Cafe style tango. Changes of technique, embrace, lead and follow, and walking turning figures are covered.



By Chris morris assisted by Oliana Foraponova

Argentine Tango I by Chris Morris Partnered with Oliana Foraponova-80min. (SCM16) $39

1)Common Basic, 2)El Ocho, 3)Rock Con Giro, 4)Passos Con Las Cruces, 5)Break Fallaway, 6)Boleo, 7)El Gancho, 8)Los Abanicos, 9)Las Patadas, 10)La Crusada Sorpresa, 11)La Amorada, 12)El Gaucho, 13)The Separation, 14)La Cobra, 15)Los Pivotes

Argentine Tango II by Chris Morris Partnered with Oliana Foraponova-44min. (SCM17) $39

1)Argentine Separation, 2)The Chase, 3)De placement, 4)Los Gatos, 5)Promenade Paseo, 6)La Sentada Amore, 7)Man's Rhythm Break, 9)Synmcopated Paseo Combination, 10)La Fuera

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