Gloria & Eduardo -- Exclusive System

This Argentine Tango dancing teaching method has been specially designed for Tango Dancing Schools and Academies, and it can be effectively used by any person interested in learning the real Argentine Tango, and developing a personal style.

While being members of the cast of the Broadway hit "Tango Argentino",Gloria and Eduardo were overwhelmed by the eagerness of the American public to learn how to dance the Argentine Tango.So they made the decision to give back to their public everything they had learned in over 25 years of tango dancing.The project took over two years and after many takes and retakes and lots of creative editing,they produced a comprehensive 3-part video course that right away caused furor in Europe and japan.

Now American tangueros can benefit from the same teaching techniques that have produced some of the best instructors and milongueros around the world.
Non-USA Customers: Note these items are currently only available in the NTSC/VHS format. They will not work in the European PAL/VHS machines unless they are the newer dual mode machines. We are working on getting a PAL version.

Give yourself the gift of a lifetime.... $45.00 each

Set of 3: $125.00

El Tango Argentino 3Volume Set....

El Tango Argentino Volume #1....Big Cover Photo (205.4k)

El Tango Argentino Volume #2....Big Cover Photo (205.4k)

El Tango Argentino Volume #3....Big Cover Photo (205.4k)

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