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Sorry the following items are no longer available from BDS. We provide the listings as historical interest and a tribute to the makers for being among the first providers of ballroom dancing cards over 25 years ago---thanks. For current (2013+) items just Google.

I have  have reviewed the items following and know the BDS Item #'s/Current Prices and just need to enter my order..Enter  each Item# and push the Submit button for each item.After submitting an item,overwrite the entries and repeat as necessary for all items desired.. Discounts that might be current are not automated in on-line Invoicing,but will be included and e-mailed to you.Send us e-mail below if you wish to remind us of a particular discount/offer...Don't worry if you make a mistake;you can use the "See Cart" link or during "Checkout" eliminate any item(s) or cancel your order. Of course if all else fails use the e-mail link to send us a message...

Example:6 copies @ $2.50 each:   Passion001X6   15.00

Example: 12 copies for $25.00:  Passion001X12     25.00......Bill

All cards come with white envelopes, and have the versatility of being blank except for the front image.All cards measure 5 inches by 7 inches.



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Please excuse the distraction of the "Crosses" and legal notices on the images as we attempt to protect the artists' intellectual property rights. Of course these artifacts do not appear on the greeting cards...Bill

inancy_raquel_flores.jpg (26810 bytes) Nancy Raquel Flores

Passion001Xn               n *  $2.50

Passion001X12                  $25.00

icorkey_and_shirley.jpg (31076 bytes) Corkey & Shirley

Passion002Xn                 n *  $2.50

Passion0002X12                  $25.00

itytus_and_silke.jpg (30798 bytes) Tytus & Silke

Passion003Xn                 n *  $2.50

Passion0003X12                  $25.00

Itango.jpg (32895 bytes) Tango

Passion004Xn                 n *  $2.50

Passion0004X12                  $25.00

iquickstep.jpg (33307 bytes) Quickstep

Passion005Xn                 n *  $2.50

Passion0005X12                  $25.00

Ibeata.jpg (35317 bytes) Beata

Passion006Xn                 n *  $2.50

Passion0006X12                  $25.00

ipaso_doble.jpg (31400 bytes) Paso Doble

Passion007Xn                 n *  $2.50

Passion0007X12                  $25.00

ipassion08.jpg (1149 bytes) Michael & Beata

Passion008Xn                 n *  $2.50

Passion0008X12                  $25.00

Set of All 8 Passion Cards !! Set Of All 8

PassionSetXn                 n *  $25.00

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