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Instruction by & Buddie Schwimmer & Laurie Schwimmer Each tape has 25 patterns which show both the man's and the woman's footwork, individually, and with a partner

All tapes are immediately available: $99 each

EBWCS01 West coast Swing 1 EBECS01 East Coast Swing 1
EBWCS02 West Coast Swing 2 EBJ&S02 Jitterbug & Shags 2
EBWCS03 West Coast Swing 3 EBNC201 Nite Club Two Step 1
EBWCS04 West Coast Swing 4 EBNC202 Nite Club Two Step 2
EBSYN01 Syncopations 1 EBHUS01 Hustle 1
EBSYN02 Syncopations 2 EBHUS02 Hustle 2
EBSWBK East Coast & West Coast Swing Book (38 steps): $15    


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