Corky & Shirley Ballas


Former 6 times United States Latin American Champions. Current World & British Finalists. Residing in London & representing England at the World Championships. They travel widely around the world, coaching top professionals and ameteurs.

Corky Ballas has been dancing literally since he was a baby, having been reared in
a family with diverse talents as entertainers and entrepreneurs. His mother was a
great and talented Flamenco dancer who together with Mr. Ballas owned and
operated the largest dance studio in the United States (44,000 sq. ft. under one
roof). Mr. Ballas was also a gifted inventor and is known as the genius behind the
most commonly used American lawn tool - "The Weed Eater."
Shirley began her dancing career at the ripe old age of two years. As she danced
away her first nine years in her tiny tutu, her mother was quick to recognize her
talent and sent her to St. Chad's Church where she learned her basic techniques
in the International style of dancing. By age 21 Shirley held every title available
to her... The British Open, The Star, The European, The International, The
Canadian Classic Du Quebec and The U.S. Open.
    When chance brought together Corky Ballas and Shirley
    Stopford during an International competition in Montreal,
    Canada, both quickly reassessed their definitions of "first
    love" * They married two years later and formed a partnership
    and went on to win the following titles; 5 time United States
    International Latin Champions, 3 time United Kingdom
    National Champions, International & Star Champions, 2
    time Winners of the most prestigious competition in the
    World - Open To The World British Championships.

-    They retired from competitive dancing in 1996 and now

live in London & the United States. The are also Producers

of the Compact Discs "Passion" and "Passion Too" * They travel widely around
the world judging and coaching top professionals and amateurs.

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