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La Milonguita Tango Activities List is compiled by Polo Talnir. A paper edition is distributed occasionally at various Northern California Tango parties and classes. La Milonguita Tango Activities List can be reached online at the Ballroom Dance Supply Web page. A different Tango activities list is mailed by the Bay Area Argentine Tango Association to its members. The BAATA version can be found online at the BAATA Website. FMI about the BAATA call 877-574-7236.
Listings and small ads about Tango activities anywhere in the Bay Area are listed free of charge as a service to the Tango community. Feel free (and make sure) to make additional copies for wide distribution. Should you quote from this list, please mention: "La Milonguita Tango Activities List of Northern California". Please send me your updates by email: [email protected].
Disclaimers: while I make an effort to be accurate and current, typos do occur and changes are more frequent than my updates. Call the event leader for current admission fees, programs and schedules. The information herein has been collected from personal communication, flyers and ads. However, an explicit request is required to ensure that an event is listed. Additions, deletions and corrections are always welcome. I make no attempt to distinguish qualitatively between a "practice" vs. a "milonga". When dancing time is 2.5 hours or longer, or by request of the event organizer, the event is listed under "Tango Parties". Overlapping events are listed in the order of their first appearance in the Bay Area scene and in La Milonguita Tango Activities List.
The sign "$" preceding the information identifies an event offering a $1 discount for BAATA members. A "P" indicates a class followed by a practice of at least one hour, and a "C" indicates a class before a milonga
For entries not containing an address, you can locate alphabetically the address in the Location Directory at the end of the list.
To obtain by mail a printed copy of this list, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Polo Talnir, POBox 2441, Menlo Park, CA 94026.
Abbreviations: "beg", "B": beginning, level 1/A, fundamentals; "int", "I": intermediates, level 2/B; "adv", "A": advanced, level 3/C; "AL": all levels; "IA": in-advance; "ATD": at the door/drop-in; "C": class/lesson; "P": party/milonga or practice; "W", "w": with; "O": Only (e.g. PO: party only); "&": and; "-": through.