Rumba - American Style

By Ron montez

Beg, Rumba & Cha Cha (ASRM01) $39

1) side Basic, 2) Fifth Position Break 3) Box Step 4) Crossbody, 5) Outside Partner Break:1) Basic Movements, 2) Crossover Break, 3) Crossbody Lead, 4) Open Break and U/A Tum, 5) Chase Tum

Intermediate Level Rumba (ASRM04) $39

6) Underarm Tum, 7) Crossover Break,8 ) Open Position Walks, 9) Open Break And Check 10) Forward Spot Turn, l I )Back Spot Turn, 12) Spot Turn Combination. 13) Curl And Wheel Combination, 14) Man's Wrap, 15) Around The World

Advance I Rumba (ASRM10) $49

1) Alternating Underarm Turns, 2) Open Swivel Walks, 3) Loop, Left Side Check, Roll In, 4) Quick Underarm Turn, Circular Walk, Swivel, 5) Handchange behind the back Hip Rock, 6) Spiral and Swivel, 7) Shadow Loop and Break, 8) Swivel Combinations, 9) Back to Back, 10) Man's Wrap

Advance II Rumba (ASRM16) $49

I) Crossbody Swirl 2) Circular Walks & Underarm Tums, 3) Back To Back Roll, 4) Changing Swivels, 5) Syncopated Back Spot Tum, 6) Quick Underarm Tum Variation, 7) Double Hold Check & Spin, 8) Behind The Back Pass, 9) Syncopated Crossbody Lead, 10) Altemating Wrap

By Chris Morris

Intermediated Rumba Variations (ASCM11) $39

1) Surprise Sit Break To Double U/A Turn, 2) Second Position Break To Walkround & Overhead Wrap, 3) Traveling Rumba Walk Combination, 4) Back Spot Turn To Shadow Parallel Break, 5) Man's Wrap Into Sit Break & Lady's Roll, 6) Slow Swivels To Ronde' & Parallel Check, 7) Surprise Check To Forward Swivels & Rudolph Ronde', 8) Separation Walkaround To Slow Curl, 9) Syncopated Spins To Double Headloop, 10) Left Side Pass to Develope' & Back Bend

Advance I Rumba Variations (ASCM15) $49

1) Runaway To Slow Swivels, 2) Back To Back With Swivels & Ronde', 3) Syncopated Back Spot Turn To Separation, 4) Shadow Roll To Rumba Walks, 5) Ladies Back Bend To Ronde' and Open Develope', 6) Contra Check To Turning Rock & Quick Swivels, 7) Promenade Walk To Telemark & Layover, 8) Hand Switches To Ladv's Passe' Spin, 9) Advance Break Combination, 10) Flick Develope' To Around The World Pivots & Back Bend

10 Steps in this video.

....... Advance II Rumba Variations -80min,(ASCM23) $49..StepList

BY Bob Powers & Julia Gorchakova

American Style Exhibitions Choreography -70 min. For Rumba Vol.1 (ASBP22) $49

There are 5 sections (groups) in this video tape.

American Style Rumba Technique & Principles Vol.1 -62 min. (TBP29) $49..StepList

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