American Country Production Presents ...

The Savoys

World Exhibition Dance Champions

David and Sharon Savoy have been seen by 2 billion people on all the major continents of the world. They are the only competitive dance team to hold all 3 major World Exhibition Championships simultaneously. The Savoys are a sublime mixture of strong male presence and feminine beauty and grace. They combine the attributes of entertainment, art ans sport to create a spell binding mystique. For the first time ever, their incredible techniques are being made available to you in their 3 new instructional videos.

Learn To Lift

David and Sharon Savoy show you how to create and perform astounding lifts and aerials as you learn the proper technique to make it look easy.
67 Minutes

Dips And Drops

David and Sharon teach the proper techniques to make dips and drops easy. They make the performance aspect of Theatre Arts available to everybody.
60 Minutes

Stretch & Strengthen

Sharon Savoy unleashes the sectrts of proper stretching, strengthening and flexibility through this incredibly simple and effective exercise video.
60 Minutes

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