Specialty Instructional Video Tapes

25 steps per video. Only $99 each

Nlght Club Two Step I By Buddy Schwimmer Beginning ­ Intermediate Level (BS11) $99

1) Basic, 2) Outside Underarm Turn, 3) Inside U/A Turn, 4) Cradles, 5) Left Turn, 6) Right Turn, 7) Outside Underarm (Moving), 8) Peek-A-Boo, 9) Flip Flops, 10) Around The World, 11) Around the World 1/2 Turn, 12) Alternating U/A Left, l3) Alternating U/A Right, 14) Traveling Left Turn, 15) Left Turn with In side U/A, 16) Traveling Rignt Turn, 17) Right Turn with Outside U.A., 18) Alternating Flip Flops, 19) Around the World with U.A., 20) Lunges, 21) Wrap-Plain, 22) Wrap U.A In and Out, 23) Faceloops, 24) Freeturns 2 Hands, 25) Buddy's Combo

Night Club Two Step II By Buddy Schwimmer Intermediate ­ Advance Level (BS12) $99

1) Closed Body, 2) R & R U/A Roll -in, 3) Fans, 4) Hand Change Behind Her Back, 5) Right Turn Travel & Travel, 6) Mixmaster, 7) Flip Flop With Man's Free Spin, 8) Chaotic World, 9) Continuous Right Turn, 10) Free Turns from D.P., 11) Wheel (Pretzel), 12) U/A Faceloop - Wheel - Flop, 13) Closed Body Sways, 14) V Closed Body, 15) (R-R) U/A - Roll-in In, 16) Pivots, 17) The Big Run - a Round, 18) (Multiple Turn Left) 1&2&3&4&, 19) Multiple Turn Right 1&2 3-8, 20) Wheel with Armlock, 21) Alternating U/A (w H/C), 22) Ronde, 23) Man's Continuous Hammer, 24) Man's Check and Coaster

American Style Merengue I by Ron Montez (SRMOl) $99

1) Merengue Basic To The Side, 2) Back Rock, 3) Side Breaks 4) Arm Slide, 5) Back To Back, 6) Swivels, Straight & Turning, 7) Conga Breaks - Simple & Crossing, 8) Merengue Glide, 9) Forward Spot Turn, 10) Back Spot Turn, 11) Roll In & Out, 12) Man's Circle Wrap, 13) Progressive Congo (4 Directions), 14) Face Loops, 15) Man's Duck Wrap, 16) Crossbody Leads, 17) Crossbody Cradle Wheel, 18) Alternating Underarm Turns, 19) Hip Circle, 20) Crossbody With Checked Rock, 21) Man's Wrap & Shoulder Wrap, 22) Around The Back Roll Out Spins, 23) Pretzel, 24) Coffee Grinder, 25) Back Spot Underarm & Check With Twists

Salsa I By Ron Montez (SRM02) $99

1) Hip lift, 2) Weight Change, 3) Back Basic, 4) Combia, 5) Single Tap, 6) Single Tap Challenge, 7) Double Step, 8) Combination, 9) Combination Turn, 10) Cumbia Combination, 11) Cumbia Combination Turning, 12) Pachanga, 13) Checked Turn and Underarm Turn, 14) Promenade Cumbia & Turn, 15) Left Spot Turn, 16) Right Spot Turn, 17) Alternating Underarm Turns With Cumbia, 18) Double Underarm Turn, 19) Take Turns Wrap & Shoulder Spin, 20) Spinning Wrap Man's Hook Turn, 21) Man's Fans, 22) Mambo Break, 23) Right Spot Turn w/Alternating Turn, 24) Salsa Oversway, 25) Salsa Finale

Hustle I By Ken & Teresa Shiry (SKSO3) $99

1) 3 Count Basic, 2) Mans Reverse ( L Turn), 3) Lady's UnderArm Turn (Man X Behind), 4) Switch, 5) Side By Side, 6) Overhand To Cradle, 7) Reverse With Mans Turn, 8) Free Spin, 9) Mans Spin, 10) Close To Close, 11) Open To Close, 12) Closed Basic, 13) Closed Turn, 14) Waist Turn, 15) Closed Catch, 16) Throwout To Hand Change, 17) Right Hand Parallel, 18) Switch To X Hands, 19) Prerzel, 20) Head Wrap, 21) Reverse Turn With Check, 22) Left Hand Parallel, 23) Hand Change Spin, 24) Left Hand Parallel Left To Left Exit, 25) the Snake

Hustle II by Ken & Teresa Shiry (SKSO4) $99


26) Free Spin (Parallel), 27) Behind The Back, 28) Hand Change Cradle, 29) The Hook, 30) Arm Spin, 31) Parallel & spin, 32) Hand Change Turns,33) Parallel Turn With Head Wrap, 34) Head Wrap & Mans Spin, 35) The Runaround, 36) Rollout To Hammerlock, 37) Head Roll, 38) Two Hand Closed Position, 39) Back To Back, 40) Cradle To Check


41) 4 Count Inside Turn, 42) Inside Turn / Mans Spin, 43) 4 Count Closed To Hammerlock, 44) Parallel Turns Around The Back, 45) Hand Change Parallel Turns Around The Back, 46) 4 Count Outside Turn, 47) 4 Count Free Turn, 48) Hand Change Parallel Turn, 49) 4 Count To Hand Change, 50) 5 Count Turn To Check

Peabody by Chris Morris (assisted by Teresa Shiry)-47min. (SCM12) $59

1)Basic Right Eight Count Turn, 2)Basic Left Eight Count Turn, 3)Quick Count Run, 4)Lock Steps Forward & Back, 5)Right Underarm Turn, 6)Left underarm Turn, 7)Progressive Swivels With Underarm Turn, 8)Right Pivots, 9)Forward & Back Twinkles, 10)Offset Grapevine With Skip, 11)Promenade Grapevine With Hook Turn, 12)Fallaway Grapevine, 13)Spot Grapevine With Underarm Turns, 14)Promenade To Counter Promenade Runs, 15)Open Right Turn To Man & Lady's Underarm Turns

Showcase & Exhibition Patterns Vol.1: by Chris Morris (assisted by Teresa Shiry)-55min. (SCM13) $49

Elements:1)The Checks, 2)Lunge Lines, 3)Rudolph Ronde, 4)Floor Lunges, 5)The Runaround, 6)Passe' Lines, 7)Head Rolls, 8)Around The World, 9)The Splits, 10)Death Drop

Showcase & Exhibitions Patterns Vol 2 by Chris Morris (assisted by Teresa Shiry)-41min. (SCM14) $49

Elements:1)Continuous Spin,2)Teleronde',3)Roll in and Body Lean,4)Argentine Drag, 5)Back Bend and Curl, 6)Lunge and Roll, 7)Back To back body lean, 8) Neck Drop, 9)Lady's Layover To Leg Drop, 10)The Snake

Ballroom Line dancing by Chris Morris)-51min. (SCM15) $39

1)Rumba, 2)Cha Cha, 3)Merengue, 4)Swing, 5)Samba, 6)Mambo, 7)Syncopated Cha Cha

Argentine Tango I by Chris Morris Partnered with Oliana Foraponova-80min. (SCM16) $39

1)Common Basic, 2)El Ocho, 3)Rock Con Giro, 4)Passos Con Las Cruces, 5)Break Fallaway, 6)Boleo, 7)El Gancho, 8)Los Abanicos, 9)Las Patadas, 10)La Crusada Sorpresa, 11)La Amorada, 12)El Gaucho, 13)The Separation, 14)La Cobra, 15)Los Pivotes

Argentine Tango II by Chris Morris Partnered with Oliana Foraponova-44min. (SCM17) $49

1)Argentine Separation, 2)The Chase, 3)De placement, 4)Los Gatos, 5)Promenade Paseo, 6)La Sentada Amore, 7)Man's Rhythm Break, 9)Synmcopated Paseo Combination, 10)La Fuera

Bossa Nova Volume 1 (Beg - Advanced) by Chris Morris with Teresa Shiry- 75min. (SCM18) $59

1)Forward & Back basic, 2)Side To Side Basic, 3)Open Break, 4)Cross Overs, 5)Cross Body Lead, 6)Promenade Walks, 7)Fifth position Breaks, 8)Outside partner Breaks, 9)Progressive Basic Forward & Back, 10)Walk Around Turns, 11)Back Spot turn With open Break, 12)Alternating underarm Turns, 13)Crossbody Lead to Progressive underarm Turn, 14)Progressive Shadow Walks, 15)Wrap Turn

American Style Smooth Entrances Volume 1: by Chris Morris (assisted by Teresa Shiry)-80min. (SCM20) $49

For the Bronze to Intermediate Level. This tape is developed to help you choreograph entrances. Great for studio showcase or competition.

1)Four Entrances for Waltz, 2)Four Entrances for Tango, 3)Four Entrances for Tango, 4)Four Entrances for Viennese Waltz

American Style Smooth Entrances Vol.2 by Chris Morris assisted by Teresa Shiry--80 min. (SCM21) $49

For Silver/Gold or Advance level. This tape is developed to help you choreograph entrances. Great for studio showcase or competition.

1)Four entrances for Waltz, 2)Four Entrances for Tango, 3)Four Entrances for Foxtrot, 4)Four Entrances for Viennese Waltz

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