Tango - American Style

By Jim & Jenell Maranto

Beginning Tango -33min(ASJM03) $25

1) Basic, 2) Corte, 3) Promenade, 4) Running Basic, 5) Reverse Turn

Intermediate Tango-77min..$39 (ASJM14)

1) Right Turn From Promenade, 2)Progressive Rocks, 3)Rock & Corte, 4)Right Side Fans, 5)Contra Rocks, 6)The Oversway, 7)Pivots, 8) the Open Fan, 9)Twist and Rock, 10)Oversway and Ronde' Close/Dance

Advance I Tango -72min(ASJM07) $49

1) Five count Opening, 2) Fan C losing, 3) Pivot to Bandelaros, 4) Argentine Fans, 5) Shadow Back Lock, 6) Ronde' to Shadow 7) Underarm Braid, 8) Pivot to Drag, 9) Left Cross Turn in Shadow. 10) Shadow Explosion

Advance II Tango -63min.(ASJM11) $49

1) Sycopated Fans & Reversc Pivots, 2) Trading Places, 3) Shadow Drag, 4) Reverse Turn To Outside Check, 5) Ronde' To Grapevine, 6) Swing Swivels, 7) Side Check To Corte', 8) Pivot & Twist, 9) Roll By To Oblique Line, 10) Advance Drag

By Chuck Bannister

American Style Beg. Level Waltz & Foxtrot (ASCB01) $39

1) Closed Changes (Fwd & Bk), 2) Left Turn, 3) Parallel, 4) Underarm Turn, 5) U/A Turn With Closed: I ) Parallel Basic, 2) Left Box, 3) Left Tum, 4) Promenade, 5) Promenade Underarm Turn

Intermediate Level Tango {ASCB05) $39

6) Closed Rocks, 7) Turning Rocks, 8) Closed Flares, 9) Corte, 10) Rock Check Flare, 11) Rock Check Flare, 11) He Goes, She Goes, 12) Turning Rock To Figure Four, 13) Pivot Flare To Double Close. 14) Promenade Cross Kick And Flare, 15) Rock Flare

By Chris & Denese Morris

Intermediate Tango Variations (ASCM03) $39

1) Grapevine to Slow Fans, 2) Snap Change & shrug, 3) Double Fallaway to Turning Rock, 4) Corte to Roll out and Points, 5) Flair Promenade to Inside Underarm turn, Flick and Check, 6) Cross Kicks with Fans, 7) Left Side Walk to Same Foot Lunge, 8) Right and Left Forward Contra Rock, 9) Promenade Lock Fall Away to Open Ronde', 10) Promenade Swivels to Contra Check

Advance I Tango Variations (ASCM06) $49

1) Pivots to Floor Ronde' & Kicks, 2) Viennese Crosses to Throw away and Switch, 3) Pivot to Spin, Combo & Grapevine, 4) Fall Away Whisk to Lunge Roll & Stop Lock, 5) Shadow Combination to Around the World, 6) Outside Swivel to Double Reverse & Corte, 7) Jete Leap to Head Roll, 8) Back Lean to Leg Drop, 9) Spanish Leg Drag to Contra Check & Back Checks, 10) Splits to Spanish Line

By Chris Morris

Advance II Tango Variations (ASCM09) $49

1) Shadow Check To Outside Swivel & Corte', 2) Layout To Passe', 3) Viennese Cross To Spanish Drag & Contra Check, 4) Attitude Leg Lift To Back Bend, Flick & Check, 5) Chase To Explosion & Hip Drop, 6) Telespins Elevation & Double Ronde', 7) Lady's Cape To Floor Lunge, 8) Contra Check To Arrow Line & Shadow Points, 9) Argentine Press To Wrap & Back Bend, 10) Fallaway Whisk To Double Reverse & Spanish Wrap

By David & Carrie Kloss

.......American Style Tango Technique & Principles -58min. (TDK12) $39

1)Dance positions,2)Open Left Turn, 3)Side Lunge To Release, 4)Outside Walk To Contra Check, 5)Rhonde To Grapevine & Ladies Curl, 6)Shadow Right Side Lunge To Five Step

.......American Style Tango Technique & Principles (Advance I Level) - 70 min. (TDK21) $49

1)Intro and Dance positions, 2)Man's Roll To Right Side Lunge,Reverse Pivot and Link, 3)Telespin to Contra Check, Slip & Solo Spin, 4)Back Pass to Fallaway, Outside Spin,Pivot,Chase lunge, 5) Open outside Spin,Lady's underarm turn,Open Fan Underarm Turn to Curl and Oversway

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