Improve Your Dancing With Dance Vision USA Technique Videos

American Style Smooth Teehnique I By Jim & Jenell Marantp (TJM04) $49

Beginning to Intemediate Level: 1) Posture & Position, 2) Foxtrot, 3) Waltz, 4) Tango

American Style Smooth Technique II By Jim & Jenell Maranto (TJM05) $49

Advamce Level: 1) Posture Position & Hold, 2) Foxtrot & Waltz, 3) Tango, 4) V. Waltz

American Style Arm Styling Techniques and Turns By Chris & Denese Morris (TCMO6) $49

1) Origin Of Arms Styling, 2) Exercises For Improved Arm Styling, 3) Applying Arm Styling, 4) Improving your Turns

American Style Rhythm Cuban Motion Technique I By Chris Morris (TCM07) $49

1) Introduction To Cuban Motion, 2) Mechanics Of Cuban Motion, 3) Exercises

International Style Latin Technique I By Ron Montez (TRM02) $49

Beginning to Intermediate Level. This tape explains the basic fundamentals that all great dancers have. A must for everybody

International Style Latin Technique II By Ron Montez (TRM03) $49

Intermediate to Advance Level. This tape continues on to explain more in depth on the basic technique. Ron creates an exercise program that will develop your dancing further.

International Style Ballroom I Technique By Victor Veyrasset & Heather Smith (TVV01) $49

1) Posture & Stance, 2) Dance Position, 3) Practice Exercises for the Feet, 4) Four Ranges of Motion, 5) Ranges of Motion in Natural & Reverse Turns

Fundamental of Timing (Cassette practice tape is included with video) By Chris Morris (TCM08) $39

Learn how to listen to music. Recognize the beats to help you dance on time and be more rhythmical.

....... American Style Technique I Overall Principles (Intermediate Level) -58min(TDK14) $49

In this video on American Ballroom Styling the Klosses show the many different elements that all go into developing the character and style of a dance. They have broken these elemento into four categories:1)Arm Styling and how to use the arms smoothly, 2)Shade and Sway and how these two elements can create beautiful movements, 3)Lines, how to keep them moving so they never appear to stop, 4)Timing,how to use different speeds to create different moods from moving figures to picture steps

Assisted by Victor Veyrasset

......."Techniques & Muscular Exercises For The Ladies Vol.I-For International Standard or American Smooth-80min. (THS09)...$49">
Assisted by Victor Veyrasset

1)Finding One's Center, 2)The Four Building Blocks of The Weight, 3)Moving Building Blocks of Weight Through Forward and Backward Movements, 4)Flexibility Through Rotation In Forward & Backward Movements, 5) Exercise For Developing Strong Ankles & Feet, 6)Foot Pressure Through A Backward Movement, 7)Lady's Dance Position

Assisted by Victor Veyrasset

......."Techniques & Muscular Exercises For The Ladies Vol.2-For International Standard or American Smooth-80min. (THS24)">
Assisted by Victor Veyrasset...$49

1)Lady's Heel Turn, 2)Natural Turn, 3)Open Impetus Turn, 4)Open Telemark, 5)Feather Finish

Victor Veyrasset & Heather Smith

......."Picture Lines Vol.I-85min. (TVV25)"-$49
Victor Veyrasset & Heather Smith

1)Throw Away, 2)Same Foot Lunge, 3)Left Whisk, 4)The Oversway, 5)The Hinge Line

Victor Veyrasset & Heather Smith

......."Picture Lines Vol.II-61min. (TVV26)"-$49
Victor Veyrasset & Heather Smith

1)The Contra Check, 2)Side Lunge into Spanish Drag, 3)Right Lunge, 4)Outside Check, 5)Right Lunge and Flick

Victor Veyrasset & Heather Smith

......."Pivots Techniques-85min. (TVV27-85min.)"-$49
Victor Veyrasset & Heather Smith

1)Introduction, 2)Natural Pivots, 3)Natural Pivots Body positions, 4) Natural Pivots Accenting Pivots In Rotation, 5)Natural Pivots Centering Body Positions, 6)Natural Pivots Demonstrations, 7)Reverse Pivots, 8)Reverse Pivots Body Positions, 9)Reverse Pivots and the Double Reverse Spin, 10)Slip Pivot, 11)Slip Pivot Demonstration, 12)Reverse Pivot From Same Foot Lunge, 13)Promenade Pivot

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